2014 KornerGFX New Terms & Conditions!

First & foremost we here at KornerGFX would like to thank everybody that supported us & allowed us to bring their ideas to life! 2013 was one of the best years we’ve had thus far & we really appreciate that.

Since we’ve reached a high demand for graphic work we are ushering in new business ethics which goes as follows:

To make the process of receiving your graphics faster all payments should be sent immediately after all proofs are approved. No order should be placed unless payment is ready to be sent after approvals. No exceptions.

In order to provide high quality work, all images submitted should be the highest quality possible. We also prefer no images with cropped heads, arms, legs etc. We also would like images with no filter already applied.

We aim to keep the top quality work coming!  Hope the new year is a prosperous one for you!

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